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Commercial Cabinetry

We specialize in cabinet removal and replacement in multi-family properties. We offer many low cost options with fast installation.

Central Ohio is a relatively fast growing area of the country. As a result, new apartment complexes are being built all over the Columbus metro area. In order to be competitive and create as much value as possible, owners of existing complexes are renovating the interiors of their units and updating the look of the exteriors. A large part of the interior renovation of any unit is the kitchen- and a big portion of that is the cabinets. Property owners want attractive, updated, durable cabinets installed in the units they are renovating.

When we install cabinets we take care of the entire process. We remove and haul away your old cabinets. We help you pick out new current styles. We show you what will be the most durable product. Then we negotiate to get you the best cabinet for the money. Once you select your cabinets, we take over ordering, delivery, unit stocking and of course the installation.

The kitchen installation in this picture was a very recent renovation we did for a large property owner in the Polaris area.

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Commercial cabinet installation in Central Ohio.

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