We plan diligently.

A Capital Contracting Services estimating specialist in Central Ohio will make an on-site visit and create a proposal that addresses the specific requirements of the RFP. Upon acceptance, we develop a project-specific plan to ensure that the process goes smoothly and that all elements of the project are executed as promised.

We respect the schedule.

We complete our projects on time. If off-hours work is required, or if there are any unique timing needs, we’re more than happy to accommodate them.

We respect the surroundings.

Our work is planned and executed around each property’s specific requirements, with minimized disruption to customers, employees, residents or tenants.

We manage the project so our clients don’t have to.

A job site supervisor in Central Ohio is on site during the project to ensure that the work progresses as planned. This enables us to address any issues as they arise and keeps the work on track.

We’ll track our progress for you with and address your feedback along the way. Upon completion of your project in Central Ohio, a final site inspection will allow you to review our work in detail.

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Island Club exterior painting by Capital Contracting Services, LLC
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Mt Vernon Apartment (Marion)

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