Spirit Aeronautics

Full Exterior Repaint to Commercial Building

Scope of Work

Capital Contracting Services was contacted by Spirit Aeronautics to assist in the painting the exterior of their hangar. The 12,000 square foot facility had extreme peeling down to the original metal substrate, creating a space for surface rust to thrive.

The paint itself, in addition to the peeling, was compromised in several ways. The coating had become chalky, the sheen had lost all its gloss, and the color of the exterior was faded. Capital undertook a thorough repainting to create a brand-new look and add long-lasting protection to the building.

In April 2019, our crews scraped and sanded the exterior of the building to provide a sound substrate for the new coatings. Next, we applied a special protective primer to promote adhesion and inhibit the rust from returning. Lastly, a high-performance high-gloss acrylic coating was applied, providing a long-lasting, durable finish coating. Below is a collection of images and video for a closer look of the team’s work.